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West Bay Productions

HD Video Production

I produce sales & marketing, YouTube and TV programs in 1080p Hi-Def.
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YouTube WestBayProd

SoCalBeaches TV Series

This TV Series of 2 episodes aired 54 times in 2009-2010 season on the Coastal TV Network and on Comcast Cable in northern California and the Bay Area.
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Beach Interviews & more

SoCalBeaches TV, Codewear Clothing and more.
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My Son: Jon-Lenois Savage

My son Jon is a performer and has his own production company.
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Coastal Travel TV Show

A new TV Series featuring great places to visit on the SoCal coast.
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Doctors, Writers & more

See some marketing and interview videos.
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My site for Actors

This is the site where I help Actors market their talent.
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